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Copy Accounts

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Updated Mon, 29 Aug 2005 09:59

Go to Utilities -> Data Maintenance -> Copy Accounts

This utility copies selected accounts (Suppliers, Customers, GL Accounts and Parts) from the current company to another company - this option only applies if you have multiple companies loaded in the one FastBase database.

Copying Accounts

Go to Utilities -> Data Maintenance -> Copy Accounts
Select the module to copy.

Selected Accounts:
Select the accounts to copy. The default is "All Accounts". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Select the company to which the selected accounts are to be copied.

Update Name?:
Enter "Yes" to update the name/description on any accounts that already exist. The default is "No".
Accounts that already exist are not copied.


Accounts Receivable - Only the customer master record and delivery addresses are copied. Any parent/sub-account relationships are not copied.

GL Accounts - Only the master record is copied, ie:no budgets or notes. Control account relationships are not copied.

Inventory - Only the product master record is copied, ie:no alternate parts or other details. Superseded product relationships are not copied.

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