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Web Users

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Updated Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:36

This option is used to maintain the user IDs and passwords for customers accessing your web site. Customers that can access your website will be able to view their account online, view their order status and history and be able to place orders online (these options will depend on the functionality of your website).

Only use this option under instruction from your FastBase support staff when you have a fully integrated web site.

Go to Utilities -> E-commerce -> Web Users

The first screen that appears will display all web users. Select any web user to maintain the record or press the 'New' button to add a new user.

The following fields can be specified to filter the display of web users:

Select a salesperson to display web users for that salesperson only. The default is "All Salespeople".

User ID:
Enter the first few letters of the user id to display all web users begining with those letters.

Enter a customer to display all the web users for that customer account.

Sort Sequence:
Web users are displayed in User ID order. Select another option to make viewing the list easier.

Whether you display all web users or a selection you can press the "Print" button to print out the selected web user details.

Adding or Maintaining a Web User

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Updated Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:36

User ID:
Enter a User ID for the web user. This will be their "Login ID" for accessing the web site.
The User ID can be alphanumeric, upto 20 characters.
The User ID can be the same as the customer account number if desired.

Enter a password for the Web User. This will be the password used to access the web site.

User Name:
Enter the name of the person who will be accessing the website on behalf of the customer.

Enter the customer number if known or press "F1" to find the customer.

Delivery Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone No:
Fax No:
Mobile No:
All these fields default to what is specified under customer maintenance for the selected customer.

Email Address:
Enter the email address of the web user. FastBase can send the user an email about how to access the website.

Notification Method:
Specify the default order notification method. This is used when the user places an order on the website (if this option is available).
The notification method can be "Email", "Fax" or "Phone".

Authorisation User:
Security Options:
The above two fields are specific to some clients only. Please contact your FastBase support staff for more information.


When you save a web user you will be asked if you want to send the user an email. The email message that gets sent will include the user id, password and a link to the website.

In most cases the web user record will not get updated to the website until the next morning so the user cannot log in until this has been updated.

The first time you send an email you should set the email address to your own, this way you can check the content of the email and contact your FastBase support to make any adjustments before sending emails to customers.

The following link will take you to Corporate Consumables web site, an existing FastBase customer.


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