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Utilities - Printers

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Updated Wed, 5 Jul 2006 14:24

This screen contains a list of all printers available for FastBase.

The list of printers defined in this utility option will be available for selection when printing reports and also when printing some non-windows based forms (see Utilities - Stationery Layouts). All printers defined in this screen are available to all users.

FastBase reports can only be printed directly to DOS compatible printers. Please see section "MS-DOS Support" in Printer Troubleshooting for details.

All graphic forms in FastBase (called gdi forms) are printed using the standard list of printers available on each computer. These printers are defined separately and are computer/workstation specific.

FastBase Printers

Enter the description for this printer, this will appear in the printer selection screens.

Specify the branch this printer is located at, leave blank if your system doesn't have remote branches.

When FastBase tries to locate the default printer for a particular task it will check the "Output" and "Branch" field for the correct printer.

For example if we print an invoice from Wellington then the computer will look for a printer with "INVOICE" in the Output field and the Wellington branch. If no printer is found for INVOICE/Wellington then the system will use the INVOICE printer with no branch as the default (if one exists).

Printer Model:
Specify the printer model. All HP compatible laser printers should be defined as 'HP Laserjet Style'. Other models currently supported include Oki, Canon and Generic. FastBase will use the printer model when determining how to change character width and size when printing reports.

UNC Name:
Enter the UNC name of the printer. If the printer is connected to the computer you are using now then the UNC name of this computer is displayed to the right of the UNC Name field.
Contact your computer support staff for assistance here if you do not know the UNC name of the printer. Typically the printer's share name can be found in the printer properties dialog.

Double check that the UNC name matches. Check for any blank spaces that may appear in the UNC name as well.

Printer Port:
Enter the port (device name) the printer is using on the computer it is connected to. Usually this is 'lpt1'.

Enter a list of forms this printer is used for, only if the forms are text based, ie: non-graphical forms. For general reports printers this field is left blank.
If this printer is for printing invoices and credits then enter "INVOICE CREDIT" in this field.
If this printer is for printing purchase orders then enter "PURCHASE" - assuming your purchase order form is called "PURCHASE" (refer to Utilities - Stationery Layouts).

Initialisation Command:
Closing Command:
If the printer requires any initialisation or closing commands sent to it (ie: printer control codes) then enter these here. FastBase sends some control codes automatically for setting the character size.
Typically this option may be used for setting a paper tray.
Note: to insert an escape character (decimal 27) enter "\x1b".

Specify the default page layout. This is set to portrait by default.
Note: when printing very wide reports FastBase will automatically change the page orientation to landscape and reduce the page length accordingly.

Default Page Length:
This will determine how many lines FastBase prints on a report page before starting a new page. The default value of 60 works well for most printers. Entering a higher value increases the number of lines that get printed on a report page and vice versa.


If you experience printing problems from FastBase, please see Printer Troubleshooting.

Forms with Graphics

Document 102803/2

Updated Wed, 5 Jul 2006 13:07

Forms with graphics (gdi or windows forms) do not use this list of printers, they use the standard printers that are available on the computer for normal windows printing, ie: the same printers as you can use to print an email or document.

See Printer Setup for details.

FastBase will support all windows printers (DOS compatible), including Fax and PDF printers. See Emailing Printable Documents for instructions on emailing forms.

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