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Document 102796/1

Entered Fri, 17 Jan 2003 14:58 by
Updated Mon, 13 Mar 2006 10:37

Each company that exists in your database needs to be entered here. For security purposes only your FastBase support staff can add new companies.
If you require a new company within an existing database, see the documentation on Steps involved in creating a new company within an existing database.

Each company contains the following details:

Company Id:
Enter a unique 2 character identifier. Standard practise is to number the companies from 01 onwards.

Company Name:
Enter the company name, this appears on all reports and other forms.


Document 102796/2

Updated Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:50

Phone No:
Fax No:
GST Number:
Enter the above details, these will be used on some forms (eg: customer invoice, purchase order etc.). See Utilities - Stationery Layouts for details.

Specify the system currency; always NZD. Other currencies are supported and FastBase can be used in any country. Some business requirements may not be met in some areas.

Tax Type:
Specify the default tax code, usually this is set to GST.

Financial Year Start:
Enter the financial year start date. For a balance date of 31/03 you would enter 01/04. The year that is entered is not important and will be ignored.

Default Tax:
Enter 'Exclusive'. If your company supplies everything tax inclusive or with no tax then change the default to Inclusive or None as required.

Default Branch:
Enter the default branch for all users. If there is only one branch then specify this here. See Utilities - Branches.
Each user can have a default branch specified which will override the company default. See Users.


Document 102796/3

Updated Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:08

Select the different modules that this company will be using.
Set the default customer balance type, either open item or balance forward.


Document 102796/4

Updated Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:01

Next Batch No:
This is the next batch number the company will allocate. There is normally no need to change this.

If the company cannot be selected for processing/data entry then disable the company.
A company cannot be easily deleted from the system so it is preferable that it is disabled when no longer in use.

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