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Utilities - Branches

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Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2010 14:53

Branches are primarily created to represent physical stock locations.
Branches may also be created for consignment stock and administration purposes. You may also create branches for representing a salespersons car stock.

Branch ID:
Enter a unique indentifier for this branch, you can enter up to a 6 character alphanumeric code.

Enter the branch name, eg: Wellington or Christchurch.

Branch Details

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Updated Sun, 29 Jun 2003 13:20

Office Type:
There are 4 different branch types. One branch must be defined as 'Head Office'. All other physical branches (stock locations) will be defined as a 'Sales Branch'.
You may have a branch created for accounting only, this would be an 'Accounts Branch'. You may require a branch to locate stock in transit, use the type 'In Transit'.

Hold Stock?:
This is a non-entry field. The office type determines if this branch can hold stock or not.

Auto-Receipt Transfers?:
If you are transferring stock between branches (see Stock Transfer) you can specify whether stock is automatically receipted or not. If not you will have to manually receipt stock into the computer when it arrives at its destination branch, see Receipt Transfers for details.

Branch Address:
Phone No:
Fax No:
Enter the address and contact details. These details will be used when entering purchase orders, stock transfers and some other transactions. The branch details can be printed on invoices, packing slips and other forms also.

Reference Numbers

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Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2010 14:53

Customer Order Prefix:
All sales orders for this branch will be prefixed with whatever you enter here. Usually prefix the orders of each branch with the branch code, eg: W for Wellington.

Last Order No:
Last Quote No:
Last Return No:
These are the last numbers used by the orders, quotes and returns for this branch.

Purchase Order Prefix:
Enter a prefix for each purchase order. It is recommended that the prefix is different to the customer order prefix to avoid confusion. A "P" in the prefix is always helpful to identify purchase orders easily. If you have multiple branches then include the branch letter also, eg: PW for Wellington. All Wellington purchase orders will there be prefixed with "PW".
You can also set-up a different prefix by supplier if required, see Supplier Pricing & Ordering Details, re: "Last Order Reference".

Last Local Purchase No:
This number represents the last purchase order for local currency suppliers.

Last Overseas Purchase No:
This number represents the last purchase order for foreign currency suppliers. Set to the same as the local purchase order number if you don't want a different sequence of numbers. The next available number will be used each time.

Last Job No:
Enter the last service job number for this branch. This only applies if you are using the service module.

Sales Budgets

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Updated Tue, 11 Nov 2003 16:19

You can enter sales budgets for each Branch. These figures can be reported in the Customer Sales Analysis Report. Press the 'Sales Budget' button to maintain these figures.

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